An Interview with Steve Brown of The End Machine

While Mick enjoys retirement life amid the scorching Arizona heat, his brother, dubbed “Mild” Steve Brown by Lynch, captured his brother’s exuberance and thunderous drum fills on The End Machine: Phase 2.

A Conversation with Daru Jones

2X Grammy Winner Daru Jones is one of the most respected drummers of his generation who has recorded, performed, and toured with an eclectic mix of renowned artists and producers.

An Interview with Adam Deitch of Lettuce

Adam Deitch is the long-time drummer for the legendary contemporary Funk outfit, Lettuce. With a background in golden age, NYC Hip-Hop, and an affinity for old-school Funk, Adam brings the fire and the backbeat to Lettuce.

An Interview with Mark Schulman

As a drummer myself, I always love having the chance to speak with other drummers, and Mark Schulman is one of the best there is. Having worked as a gun for hire, Mark has played with artists such as Pink, Foreigner, Simple Minds, Billy Idol and more.

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