An Interview with Will Kimbrough

Will Kimbrough has been anything but lazy during the pandemic. When COVID-19 sent him home in the spring of 2020, Will was not defeated. He did not sit back and feel for sorry for himself. What he did do was make what perhaps amounts to his best album yet, Spring Break.

An Interview with Jason Hammon of Dance Hall Crashers

Led by Jason Hammon, whom I’ve got with us today, Dance Hall Crashers made 4 incredible Ska/Punk albums between 1989 and 1999. If you haven’t checked out Dance Hall Crashers, and you’re a fan of Ska/Punk- you’re truly missing out.

An Interview with Andrew Gould

Over time, Andrew Gould has established himself as one of the premier players of this fierce new era of stellar Jazz musicians, having played with the likes of James Moody, Ron Carter, Benny Golson and more.

An Interview with Jake Crown of Coffee Project

Coffee Project knows a thing or two about authenticity and passion. Jake Crown and Buddy Schaub write music from the heart and for the sheer joy of it. When you’re doing that, you simply can’t go wrong.

An Interview with Michael Oakley

Meet Michael Oakley, one of the genre’s leaders on the UK scene, which is really where the action is anyway. Michael is as cool and down-to-earth as he is talented, and that is truly saying a lot.

An Interview with Dante White of Oozelles

Dante White from Oozelles is with us today. This is a fun one. We talk about the band’s debut record, Dante’s love for books during the pandemic, the band’s interesting array of deeply underground influences and their never-ending quest to finally not just learn, but master “Louie Louie.”

An Interview with Michael Kurtz of Record Store Day

Record Store Day is an interesting topic. Some love it and some choose to pass. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, it is undeniable that the vinyl resurgence and the emergence of Record Store Day walk hand-in-hand.

An Interview with Benny Benack

Benny Benack is a third generation Jazz-head. His grandfather and father (both also named Benny) were a couple of “OG’s” from the long-standing, and criminally-underrated Pittsburg Jazz scene.

An Interview with Fingers of WBAB

For as long as I’ve been alive, Fingers has been with WBAB, longer actually. I’ve never known the station without him. Many a long drives and afternoons stuck in traffic have been made that much more bearable with the help of Fingers and his Rock sets.

An Interview with Jerry Douglas

When you think of guitar, which artists do you think of? I suppose it’s all a matter of opinion, really. That said, Jerry Douglas is one of the top players out there today, and has been for 40 some odd years.

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