An Interview with Robert Rich

Today, I’ve got an interview for you all with one of the definitive Ambient musicians of not only his generation but any generation. Robert Rich is a man who needs no introduction

An Interview with Jon Sorensen of Fugate

Today, I’ve got an interview with Jon Sorensen, one of the founding members of the eclectic Indie Rock band Fugate. Jon is a man of many influences, with tastes ranging from Punk, Metal, Classic Rock, and everything in between.

An Interview with Jonny Renshaw of Devil Sold His Soul

After nearly a decade out of the spotlight, Metal band Devil Sold His Soul is back with a new record called Loss. With me for a chat is the band’s guitarist and founding member, Jonny Renshaw.

An Interview with David Russo AKA HKE

There are specific albums that change your outlook and perspective on music. For me, 2814 and their album Birth of a New Day was one of those. It is a cornerstone of listening for Vaporwave fans everywhere.

An Interview with Tom Bellamy of Losers

Today I’ve got Tom Bellamy of the UK-based Indie band, Losers. Among other things, we discuss their new music, how the group came together, the making of the new record, Tom’s early influences, some of his favorite records, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Matt Starr of Mr. Big & The Ace Frehley Band

As a hired gun, Matt Smith is one of the hardest hitting and more sought-after drummers in the game today. While he refuses to be tied down to one band, make no mistake, his classic style has had as big of an impact on the Rock genre as any drummer.

An Interview with Steve Almaas

Veteran Indie and Punk rocker Steve Almaas is with us today for a chat. Steve has a new record out called Everywhere You’ve Been.

An Interview with Tommy Paris of Britny Fox

Today I chat with longtime Britny Fox vocalist Tommy Paris. We dig into his new music with Count 77, his time in Britny Fox, the effect of Grunge on the Hair Metal scene, the band’s reunion, and much more.

An Interview with William Goldsmith of Assertion and Sunny Day Real Estate

Today I have veteran Alt/Indie rocker and drummer William Goldsmith with us. William is a founding member of Sunny Day Real Estate and was also the original drummer for the Foo Fighters. Present-day, William is with his group, Assertion, who has a wonderful new record out called Intermission.

A Conversation with Blaze Bayley

Blaze Bayley is a Metal lifer. He’s the longtime frontman of Wolfsbane, was the frontman of Iron Maiden during their highly underrated 90s period, and has had a long, successful solo career. After over 35 years of nonstop touring, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Blaze finally had a moment to collect his thoughts and begin work on what was to become War Within Me, which is another fine addition to the stellar Blaze Bayley catalog.

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