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An Interview with John Siden of Surface Noise

In a short time, John has plunged directly into the deep end, and is just beginning to grow his channel and build an audience with his authentic and informative videos on all things vinyl and music.

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Anthony’s Airwaves- Transmissions from Nicole and Noelle of The Quite Unusual Podcast

The Quite Unusual Podcast is, well, just that! Hosts and best friends Nicole and Noelle go into depth on various topics regarding the paranormal, true crime, cults, and cryptids.

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An Interview with Sonia Anubis of Cobra Spell & Crypta

I’ve said before, the Rock game has long been dominated by men. These days, there are so many incredible, shredding lead guitarists out there who are females and in this way, Rock has never had more balance than it does now.

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