Yoga for the Ears: “GEA” by Mia Doi Todd is a Spin Your Soul Didn’t Even Know it Needed

Some artists harness the ability to instantly tap into that part of their listener’s soul that allows them to deeply connect with each note, and GEA by Mia Doi Todd did just that for me.

From the first note, I felt instantly drawn in and relaxed. Her delicate, beautiful bravado hums along like a meditative symphony; her voice is as much an instrument as it is the standout leader on this album. Each note was yoga for my ears, and I felt that instead of cooking dinner while I listened, I was supposed to be in a cabin in the woods, watching spring unfold around me as I listened to Mia’s captivating voice complement each instrument. I’m not sure whether it was the subtle, rhythmic beat of the congas, the soulful, pulsing bass lines, or the beautiful marriage of horns, woodwinds and strings, but I just completely fell in love with this album. The collaboration with Carlos Niño and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson served this album well. GEA will be on constant rotation on my turntable, that’s for sure! If you’re into artists that combine Folk, Indie, Modern Classical and Cool Jazz, then this album is something you’ll enjoy.

Spinning this album for the first time was a lovely experience only further enhanced by the appealing nature of the physical album itself, so I’m thankful to Mia for choosing to release this album on vinyl. The natural colors of the album art, the minimalist lyrical inner sleeve, and the lush green vinyl only further associated thoughts of nature, love, relaxation and a calming peace. There’s a reason this album is critically acclaimed, and it was absolutely fantastic to have a first listen to it on vinyl. Before the album even finished spinning, I already created an album playlist on my phone so it’ll be there waiting for me to indulge on Monday when I get to work.

It’s difficult to choose a favorite track from GEA, as both side A and B were simply beautiful, but a top choice is definitely “Esperar es Caro,” which translates in English to, “waiting is expensive.” In this case, waiting to bless your soul with this album would be a true loss.

If you missed this 2020 Record Store Day release by Org Music, then definitely head over to their site to snag yourself a copy here. Org Music never fails to deliver, and the crisp sound, vibrant album art, quality packaging and bold green vinyl meld together to create an outstanding product, and at a reasonable price to boot. GEA is just another fine example of the impeccable quality you can always expect from Org Music.

Mia Doi Todd isn’t just healing your soul with this fantastic album; to help offset the carbon footprint of releasing this vinyl pressing, Mia Doi Todd has chosen to donate a portion of proceeds from GEA to I think that’s something that we as humans can all get behind.

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