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Women are a niche minority in music, and especially in vinyl. Women Who Love Vinyl is a column dedicated to discussing the female experience in vinyl through the eyes of a woman living with 4,600 vinyl albums, slowly coming to terms with her identity as a vinyl addict.

Remembering Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity

Records Before Rent

Published by Angela Quinn

Angela Quinn has always been passionate about both music and writing. She grew up in Queens, NY, USA, and immediately felt at home in the local Rock and Hardcore music scenes as a young teen. Angela works as a Registered Nurse in Cardiovascular Research by day and as a freelance journalist in music and public health by night. When she’s not busy drinking chai lattes, trying to pet every animal she encounters, and attempting to save the world, Angela dedicates her time to educating her friends and family about health and music, one article at a time! Angela has been a Board Member of Nurses Who Vaccinate since 2012. Angela lives on Long Island, NY. She enjoys all things science, painting, crafting, doing puzzles, forgoing human social plans to spend more time with her cats, and singing the wrong lyrics with strong conviction to her favorite tracks.

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