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Please enjoy the full archives of The Technical Corner in which Joel Andrews discusses the answers to technical questions you didn’t even know you had:

Vinyl Color & The Question of Audio Fidelity

Vinyl Playback Speeds, Sizes, and One of The Original Format Wars

Turntable Drive Mechanisms, What Makes Them Different?

Needles, Cartridges and Everything In Between

Published by Joel Andrews

Originally from New Brunswick, Canada, Joel started to really collect vinyl at a time when people were practically giving it away as they moved their collections over to CD. It became clear that he had a strong penchant for how things work when his father arrived home one day to find four-year-old Joel had completely disassembled the family turntable! Joel purchased a turntable when there were only two models left on the shelf, which is still in use today! Joel is into a wide variety of genres, everything from Jazz to Metal and everything in between, and his love for how things work has never faded; it led to an electronics path in college and then computers. His focus has always been on: how do things work, and why?  What led to design decisions, how were things improved upon, why did some formats fade while others remained? These days, Joel works as a cloud consultant in Toronto, Canada but still finds time to tinker with electronics and electronic repair when he can.

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