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Please enjoy our full archives of The Record Spinner in which Dylan Peggin discusses various themes in music and vinyl:

A Guide to KISS Bootlegs – The Clubs & KISS Tour 1973-74

A Guide to KISS Bootlegs – The Hotter Than Hell Tour 1974-75

Dream Sitch Takes You On a Synth-Driven Trip!

A Guide to KISS Bootlegs – The Dressed to Kill Tour: The Road to Alive! 1975

A Guide to KISS Bootlegs: The Alive! Tour 1975-76

A Guide to KISS Bootlegs: The Destroyer Tour 1976

A Guide to KISS Bootlegs: The Rock and Roll Over Tour & The Origins of Alive II 1976-77

A Guide to KISS Bootlegs: The Love Gun Tour 1977

A Guide to KISS Bootlegs: The Alive II Tour 1977-78

Published by Dylan Peggin

Dylan Peggin was born and raised in Vineland, NJ, USA. Music has always played a huge part in his life, thanks to his parents who brought him up on bands such as Rush, Genesis and Yes. At the young age of two, he became a member of the KISS Army and has never looked back since. Dylan started his vinyl collecting journey in 2014, partly inspired by musician Jack White and his label, Third Man Records. What started out as a casual hobby turned into an issue when Dylan realized he could not expand his ceiling to make way for his ever-growing vinyl collection, featuring artists that reside in Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative, Psych and Indie, just to name a few genres. On January 1st, 2018, Dylan started The Record Spinner, a YouTube channel about vinyl collecting and music. Videos are uploaded every Friday based on a myriad of topics such as mastering engineers, pressing plants and best-sounding pressings. Other content is featured, as well, such as artist analysis videos, monthly vinyl hauls, record store vlogs, unboxings, interviews with musicians, and much more. The channel has grown to reach almost 3K subscribers, obtained over 300K views and received 1.5 million minutes in watch time. Dylan is also studying to receive a BA in Music Business with Berklee College of Music and he hopes to take what he is doing on YouTube to bigger heights.

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