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Please enjoy our full archives of The Analog Chronicles, in which Mike Zagari discusses the history of music with his personal spin:

1984 Ford Bronco: A Journey Through My Musical Past

Folkways: Sounds that Preserve and Define Culture

Presidential Campaign Songs and the Connection to the “Folks”

Published by Mike Zagari

Mike Zagari grew up in New Jersey, USA, and music has always been a staple in his life.  Mike’s first musical obsession was Bruce Springsteen (still is), and his love of Rock 'N Roll and all genres only grew from there. Mike teaches 11th grade US History and uses vinyl as an avenue for teaching as well as historical expression. It should be noted that some students think he’s cool, but most think he might have lost his mind! But in the end, Rock ‘n Roll is history, and history is Rock ‘n Roll! Mike lives on Long Island, NY with his wife and three children.

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