An Interview with Michael Kurtz of Record Store Day

Record Store Day is an interesting topic. Some love it and some choose to pass. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, it is undeniable that the vinyl resurgence and the emergence of Record Store Day walk hand-in-hand.

An Interview with Spencer Drate

In the world of album deign, there aren’t many who have accomplished what Spender Drate and his partner Judith Salavetz have. Over 40 plus years, this legendary duo have designed albums for the likes of The Ramones, U2, Bon Jovi and Talking Heads.

An Interview with Alex Rice of Bandbox

Bandbox vinyl is vinyl subscription service which has been around for a couple years now. In truth, if you’re a vinyl fan, you’ve a few of these to choose from now, but the people at Bandbox are good people, they’re indie and they’re doing it right.

An Interview with Joe Macchia of Needle + Groove Records

Needle + Groove Records is one of the newer stores for vinyl on Long Island. What’s also awesome about Needle + Groove is the staff. Joe Macchia is the manager, and he’s holding it down and keeping Needle + Groove at the top of the heap.

An Interview with Tommy Alaska of the Tommy Alaska Experience

It’s amazing how you can get an aura about someone from just their Internet comments; as soon as I started interacting with Tommy Alaska on Internet vinyl forums, I just knew he was a great guy, and one worth supporting.

An Interview with John Siden of Surface Noise

In a short time, John has plunged directly into the deep end, and is just beginning to grow his channel and build an audience with his authentic and informative videos on all things vinyl and music.

Pop Punk and Me: My Top-5 Pop Punk Albums

So, it’s no secret that Pop Punk is one of my favorite genres of music for two reasons; I grew up listening to New Found Glory and Good Charlotte and I can actually understand the lyrics both lyrically and audibly.

An Interview with Matt Earley of Gotta Groove Records

Matt Earley is an industry veteran who has worn just out every hat one can wear, and Gotta Groove Records is a plant that is known for its gorgeous, stunning quality as well as their iron clad quality control.

An Interview with Gordon Anderson of Real Gone Music

Today, I’ve got the co-founder of Real Gone Music in the house. Gordon Anderson is an industry veteran who has worn just out every hat one can wear, and is someone who operates with true integrity within the increasingly murky waters of the music industry.

An Interview with Eric Callero of Vinyl Rewind

During Eric’s initial run as a YouTuber, he has put out dozens upon dozens of excellent videos ranging from retrospective albums reviews, to interviews to good old fashioned unboxing videos, which prove that he and Vinyl Rewind are here to stay.

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