An Interview with Greg D’Angelo of White Lion

Amid a budding New York music scene, Greg D’Angelo hardly experienced a shortage of labor in the early 1980s.

An Interview with Logan Hammon of Small Crush

Today I’ve got Logan Hammon of Small Crush with us for an interview. Logan has a long history in music; growing up around her Dad, Jason Hammon, and his band Dance Hall Crashers, Logan learned early that music was not only in her heart but in her blood.

An Interview with Dave Brooks of the Slammin’ Gladys

Those that harbor nostalgia for the Los Angeles Sunset Strip are in for a treat today, as Dave Brooks of the Slammin’ Gladys joins us today for a chat. After nearly 30 years away, the Slammin’ Gladys are back with a new record called Two.

An Interview with Courtney Cox of The Iron Maidens

As I’ve said before, the Rock and Metal game has long been dominated by men. These days, there are so many incredible, shredding lead guitarists out there who are females. With hard-rocking players like Courtney Cox in the game, the narrative is changing.

An Interview with Kevin Godley of 10cc

Kevin Godley, the long-time member of seminal Art Rock bands 10cc and Godley & Creme, is with us today to chat about his new album, Muscle Memory, and his long career as a musician, director, and artist.

An Interview with Page Hamilton of Helmet

Today, I’ve got Page Hamilton, the leader and founder of the highly influential Alternative Metal band Helmet. A band who has spent the last several decades forging a path that is entirely their own and truly singular to their sonic vision.

A Conversation with Greg Gilmore of Mother Love Bone & The Living

What if I told you that there was an unknown Punk band, which featured Greg Gilmore (Mother Love Bone) on drums, Duff McKagen (Guns N’ Roses) on guitar as well as vocalist John Conte, and bassist Todd Fleischman? Then, what if I told you this group recorded an album, which for nearly 40 years went unreleased…until now.

An Interview with Brock Gallant of Q103.1 Moncton

A couple of months back, Brock Gallant reached out to me via email and let me know that he enjoyed what we were doing and that he would like to feature us from time to time on his Rock Report, which runs during his show on FM Radio station Q103.1 Moncton.

An Interview with George Lynch of Dokken & The End Machine

The heralded axman, who proved to be the driving force behind his latest venture, The End Machine: Phase2, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

An Interview with Tom Bellamy of Losers

Today I’ve got Tom Bellamy of the UK-based Indie band, Losers. Among other things, we discuss their new music, how the group came together, the making of the new record, Tom’s early influences, some of his favorite records, and a whole lot more.

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