An Interview with Joe Macchia of Needle + Groove Records

Needle + Groove Records is one of the newer stores for vinyl on Long Island. What’s also awesome about Needle + Groove is the staff. Joe Macchia is the manager, and he’s holding it down and keeping Needle + Groove at the top of the heap.

An Interview with Dillon Smith of Noble Records

With loads of records, endless musical knowledge and an actual brick and mortar store, you can expect Dylan’s channel to continue to grow for as long as he wants to keep at it. That’s right, you heard right, Dillon has his very own record store. After years in the vinyl game selling online and locally, Dillon finally opened Noble Records, which is named after his son.

An Interview with Arnie Goodman

Arnie Goodman is a music lifer. He’s basically done it all and then some. These days, he’s an accomplished photo-journalist, but if you go back, the music and record scene of NYC over the last 45 or so years has Arnie’s fingerprints all over it.

An Interview with Marc Sendik of High Fidelity Records & CDs

I can interview artists big, small and in between, but spotlighting my local community will always come first. It’s not something I will ever stop doing. Period.

An Interview with David Buttle of Mr. Bongo

Mr. Bongo is and has been putting out some of the best reissues focused on World Music that you can buy. Basically, if you see them, and you like that type of music- insta-buy them.

Digging In Paradise: Moodies Records

The day had come at last, and we had finally arrived at the shop. I was excited and shaking with anticipation over what we would find. Upon entering, it was clear that Moodies had preserved the atmosphere of a bygone era.

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