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Barre Chords, Arpeggios & Riffs: Five Rhythm Guitarists Who Changed Rock Music

Today I am highlighting the blue-collar workers of some of your favorite bands. These stalwart workhorses of Rock music have created many of the most memorable songs in history. Their impact may be low ley on the surface, but their legacy is larger than life.

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Reviewing Bathroom of the Future’s new EP, Everybody Else Here Is Having Fun

Bathroom of the Future is at it again with another hard-hitting Nerd-Punk EP Everybody Else Here Is Having Fun. Starting with a chiptunes edit of one of the songs on the EP Capcom Girl followed by “Capcom Girl” and “Watching Bill and Ted Outside,” this 3 song EP encompasses all that the trio stands for in defining the genre of Nerd-Punk/Rock.

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An Interview with Ian Taylor of the Adolescents

I’ve got Ian Taylor with us today. We talk about his early days out in the des, how he came to love Punk, end up buddies with Nick Oliveri and eventually take his well-deserved place within the legendary Punk Rock outfit, the Adolescents.

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An Interview with Greg Hetson of the Circle Jerks & Bad Religion

Greg Hetson has been a member of two of the most influential Punk Rock bands ever to take the stage. With both the Circle Jerks and Bad Religion, he’s given us some of the most incredible Punk Rock licks, one that will forever echo off of kid’s bedrooms walls.

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An Interview with Mike Park of Asian Man Records

Mike has been in the Ska and Punk game for a long time, and over the years, he has been one of the leading voices in combatting racism and sexism in not only the music business but throughout the world in general.

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An Interview with Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves

It’s time for another interview, this time I’ve got OG veteran of the scene, Blag Dahlia with us and it’s a good one. Blag has been the leader of legendary Punk Rock band Dwarves since the 80s.

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An Interview with Dave Hause

Do you like music that is equal parts Heartland Punk, Americana, and Folk? Do you enjoy when that music is made by a genuine person who has a sincere love for his craft? If so, you will appreciate the music of Dave Hause.

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Pop Punk and Me: My Top-5 Pop Punk Albums

So, it’s no secret that Pop Punk is one of my favorite genres of music for two reasons; I grew up listening to New Found Glory and Good Charlotte and I can actually understand the lyrics both lyrically and audibly.

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An Interview with Bill Conway of The Hard Times

In an age of darkness filled with people who tend to take themselves way too seriously, The Hard Times is a satire website with a direct focus on Punk Rock and millennial culture which reminds us to laugh and learn to take a joke once in awhile.

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