An Interview with Amanda Schutzman of All Media Supply

Some of us are just born with music, more specifically, vinyl, in their blood. Amanda Schutzman is one of those people. Her Dad is Mike Schutzman, the super cool owner of Slipped Disc Records and the founder of Vinyl Revolution, the amazing traveling record show we have all come to know and love (on the east coast that is).
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An Interview with Mike Schutzman of Slipped Disc Records

If you’re into vinyl, and you grew up or have spent any time on Long Island, or the greater NYC area, then you know the legend of Slipped Disc Records. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, and well into the early 2000’s, Slipped Disc was bar none, the premier record shop in this area. Simply put, there was nothing like it.

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