A Guide to KISS Bootlegs – The Hotter Than Hell Tour 1974-75

Welcome to the second article of the “A Guide to KISS Bootlegs” series. This article is going to be focusing on the tour KISS did in support of their sophomore album, “Hotter Than Hell.”

A Guide to KISS Bootlegs – The Clubs & KISS Tour 1973-74

One would assume that quality live recordings that come from an artist’s early career are scarce to find. In the case of KISS, there are tons of exceptional recordings from this early era to dig into. Enough of the chit chat, let’s dig right in! Or as Paul Stanley would say, “It looks like we’re gonna have ourselves a Rock ‘N Roll party tonight!”

Anecdotes & Albums: A Summary of KISS Army Servitude

Without going into anymore grizzled details, KISS has been a huge part of my life, Joe’s life and subsequently, our friendship. So, today Joe and I are going to hash out five albums that were important to us as proud members of the KISS Army.

An Interview with Tommy Thayer of KISS

It’s a pleasure to have Tommy Thayer with us today. We talk about his origins in music, what inspired him growing up, his days with Black ‘N Blue, his time in KISS, potential new music, and the real scoop on Psycho Circus.

An Interview with Dylan Peggin AKA The Record Spinner

On a personal level, it’s been a pleasure getting to know Dylan. Since the interview, we’ve been emailing back and forth talking interviews, vinyl and most importantly -KISS. Also, Dylan has a passion for KISS soundboards and bootleg just as I do. It’s been cool nerding out on that.

An Interview with Shandon Sahm

Shandon Sahm is a lifer within the music biz. His roots in music trace back to before he was even born. His father was the late, great Doug Sahm, a genre-bending virtuoso musician who refused to play by anyone’s rules but his own. Beyond that, Shandon has forged his own musical legacy as a truly powerful drummer, who champions the groove, the pocket and vintage drums above anything else.

An Interview with Eddie Trunk

For as long as I can remember, Eddie Trunk has been a part of Q104.3 as a host, mostly on Friday nights with his Eddie Trunk Rocks show. Eddie has been a huge force within the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock scenes for over 35 years.


Like many you of, I assumed New Year’s Eve in 2020 would be boring and spent at home. Then about a month ago I saw that KISS had some kind of “big announcement” and that we all should stay tuned, and I was left wondering what it was. As you all know by now, the announcement was a New Year’s Eve mega show to take place at The Palm in Dubai, which was being called “KISS 2020 Goodbye.”

The Endless River: The Musical Genius of Bob Ezrin

“Some of the greatest records ever made wouldn’t have been made without a producer’s input. You’d be foolish to ignore the opportunity that a good producer will provide.”

Top-5 Live Albums to Own on Vinyl

The live album has long been a polarizing beast. For some artists, it is a way to reach a fan base during a creative valley in between albums or tours. Others treat the live album as a grubby cash grab, aimed to rinse fans of their last dime. Sometimes, the live album can serve as a last resort to jump-start a career gasping for breath.

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