An Interview with Jeff Aug of Ape Shifter

Jeff Aug is the mastermind behind the thunderous, raging beast that is Ape Shifter. With two albums under their belt and another in the works, the future beyond the COVID-19 pandemic looks pretty bright for the band.

An Interview with Danny Golden

Danny Golden doesn’t quite remember how he ended up in Austin, TX. There were a few years in Colorado playing Bluegrass banjo, a stint in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA writing and forming his style, and couch surfing in Brooklyn while making his first album.

An Interview with Ioana Vintu of ‘Nuf Said

NYC is teeming with amazing, young, and hungry Jazz artists right now, and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with many of them. Ioana Vintu is one of those artists, but with a slightly new spin.

An Interview with Logan Hammon of Small Crush

Today I’ve got Logan Hammon of Small Crush with us for an interview. Logan has a long history in music; growing up around her Dad, Jason Hammon, and his band Dance Hall Crashers, Logan learned early that music was not only in her heart but in her blood.

An Interview with Jules Batterman of Julez and The Rollerz

Julez (Jules Batterman) and her trusty rhythm section, The Rollerz (Rachel David & Steve Donofrio), still retain a charming old-school tone in their songs, their offering is also compelling and modern.

An Interview with Tom Bellamy of Losers

Today I’ve got Tom Bellamy of the UK-based Indie band, Losers. Among other things, we discuss their new music, how the group came together, the making of the new record, Tom’s early influences, some of his favorite records, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Steve Almaas

Veteran Indie and Punk rocker Steve Almaas is with us today for a chat. Steve has a new record out called Everywhere You’ve Been.

An Interview with William Goldsmith of Assertion and Sunny Day Real Estate

Today I have veteran Alt/Indie rocker and drummer William Goldsmith with us. William is a founding member of Sunny Day Real Estate and was also the original drummer for the Foo Fighters. Present-day, William is with his group, Assertion, who has a wonderful new record out called Intermission.

An Interview with Matt Maginn of Cursive

One of my pastimes was to head over to my local shop, Looney Tunes, and flip through the CD section for something new to listen to. It was on one of those occasions that I came around Cursive’s 2003 effort, The Ugly Organ.

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions from Charlie Wolf of The Small Calamities

Today, I’ve got Charlie Wolf with us from The Small Calamities. If you like 90s pop and folk music fused with a little bit of The Front Bottoms, then these guys are for you. Here we talk about Charlie’s musical upbringing and how the band came to be what it is today.

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