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Enter The Fox: An Interview with Loretta Carr

Eric’s inspiring story of hard work and determination is cemented in Rock ‘N’ Roll lore. After spending the 1970s moving from band to band, and rounding out the decade repairing stoves with his father, in 1980, Eric Carr was granted the chance of a lifetime in the form of an audition with The Hottest Band In The World– KISS.

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An Interview with Olivier of Sleaze Roxx

If you’re a fan of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam, or Hair Metal, then you’re probably a fan of Sleaze Roxx. For nearly 20 years, Sleaze Roxx has been a top-notch, go-to website for all things Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

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An Interview with Mark Kendall of Great White

Great White is a Blues based Metal/Rock band, which has has been in the game for well over 40 years now. In that time, they have released 13 excellent, hard rocking studio albums, which are absolutely essential to any collection regardless of which format you collect.

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