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An Interview with Melinda Murphy

Melinda Murphy is one of the newer channels within the YouTube Vinyl Community, but don’t look now, she’s on fire. At the time of this writing (January 2021) Melinda has nearly 10,000 subscribers and counting and has published nearly 120 informative videos on all things vinyl.

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RIP Eddie Van Halen

So, I am thankful I chose to go see Van Halen by myself at MSG, in 2012, when no one else wanted to go with me. This time, when it comes to Eddie, I have no regrets. Today, spin your Van Halen records. Remember the legend.

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One for the Guitar Players

Before the 1950’s there really wasn’t any such thing as “Rock ‘n’ Roll” as we know it today. Mostly a new form of music, dreamed up by the likes of Les Paul, and other like minded men of the day. These were men no longer interested by the politics of folk. These were men who lacked the time, and energy for the complexity of jazz.

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