An Interview with Dale Crover of the Melvins

Dale Crover is one of the OG Melvins. He’s the band’s drummer and more. I am happy to say I’ve got Dale with us for an interview today. We talk about the Melvins’ new record, getting fat during the pandemic, the band’s working class ethos and Dale’s new solo record.

An Interview with Mark Schulman

As a drummer myself, I always love having the chance to speak with other drummers, and Mark Schulman is one of the best there is. Having worked as a gun for hire, Mark has played with artists such as Pink, Foreigner, Simple Minds, Billy Idol and more.

An Interview with Ron Bushy of Iron Butterfly

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times and even though you may not be able to pronounce it, or spell it, “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” is nothing short of a classic song. The late 60s were a tumultuous time in history, they were also a fantastic time for music.

An Interview with Albert Bouchard of Blue Öyster Cult

Albert Bouchard has been in the Rock game for a long time. A long time lover and appreciator of all things music, Albert was one of the founding members of legendary Rock group, Blue Oyster Cult. As the band’s drummer, Albert played on the bands first 8 records, the bulk of which are staples of American Classic Rock radio.

An Interview with Fred Coury of Cinderella

Fred Coury, was the hard hitting drummer for one of the biggest bands of this era, Cinderella. I am sure you all remember them for their multi-platinum albums, Night Songs and Long Cold Winter. There may not be a single song that defines 80s Hair Metal and Glam more so than ‘Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone).’

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