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Reviewing Bathroom of the Future’s new EP, Everybody Else Here Is Having Fun

Bathroom of the Future is at it again with another hard-hitting Nerd-Punk EP Everybody Else Here Is Having Fun. Starting with a chiptunes edit of one of the songs on the EP Capcom Girl followed by “Capcom Girl” and “Watching Bill and Ted Outside,” this 3 song EP encompasses all that the trio stands for in defining the genre of Nerd-Punk/Rock.

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“I Don’t Feel Well,” by Pluralone is a Hopeful, Melodic Experience

“I Don’t Feel Well” is an emotional glimpse and response to the dumpster fire that was 2020 in each note, producing an album that is nothing short of evoking and beautiful. Josh Klinghoffer aka Pluralone really shines on this album.

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