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An Interview with Dave Evans of ACϟDC

In the 47 years since his departure from ACϟDC, Evans has endured a winding musical journey. He may never elude the ACϟDC label, but these days, he’s thrilled doing things his way, touring the world, producing new music, and making his mark as a solo artist.

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An Interview with Chris Slade of ACϟDC

Being a multi-faceted drummer has allowed Chris Slade the opportunity to play alongside some of the most notable artists in music history.

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My Album of the Year: ACϟDC Turns Back the Clock

For me, ACϟDC is comfort. It takes me back to a simpler time. A time when I was first starting my journey toward musical discovery. When it comes to ACϟDC, they’ve always been about good times and simple Rock ‘n Roll.

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