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Please enjoy our full archives of Stories from the Stacks, in which Andrew Daly discusses various themes in music and vinyl:

Thoughts on the Death of Neil Peart

Am I a Punk or Poseur?

The Allure of The Brick and Mortar Store

Chris Knight: A Singular Songwriter

Five Reissue Labels All Vinyl Collectors Should Know & Love

One for The Guitar Players

High Fidelity: A Mix-Tape of Life, Love and Vinyl

Top-5 Live Albums to Own on Vinyl

ORG Music: An Indie Reissue label for Vinyl Lovers, by Vinyl Lovers

Back to Analogue

Record Reserve: A True Indie

Remembering Little Richard

Top-5 Rhythm Sections Essential to Jazz, Funk, Soul and Rock

Vaporwave: Audiovisual Art Via Nostalgia

The New Abnormal: Your Soundtrack to The Apocalypse

Top-5 Novelty Records for Vinyl Enthusiasts

Dylan’s Latter-Day Defining Moment

Neil Young’s Time in the Ditch: A Retrospective

The Understated Genius of Bob Mould

Dare to Be Weird: A Lesson from Frank Zappa

Rediscovering My Collection Through Mix-Tapes

Taylor Swift’s Transition

Top-5 Most Underrated Guitarists

Women Who Rock

New Adventures at High Fidelity

A Poseur’s Dream: Vultures and FOMO in an Age of Unreason

Saying Goodbye to Reggae’s Ambassador, Toots Hibbert

Billy Joel: Long Island Origins as Defined by the Piano Man

The Endless River: The Musical Genius of Bob Ezrin

RIP Eddie Van Halen

Fear of Music: How Satanic Panic Shaped Music & Culture in the 1980’s and Beyond

Stop Hating on Crosley

Ripped Off: Thoughts on File Sharing & Artists who Steal Music to Get Ahead

My Album of the Year: ACϟDC Turns Back the Clock

Imagining the World Through the Eyes of John Lennon

Remembering MF DOOM


Top-5 Favorite Albums on Vinyl For the Christmas Season

Top-5 Songs that Make Us Think of Summer

Reviewing True Romance on Vinyl

Format Wars: Why You Don’t Have to Choose Between Vinyl and CDs

Groups That Should Have Been Huge: Indie Bands and the Issue of Exposure

Anecdotes & Albums: A Summary of KISS Army Servitude

Return to the Sunset Strip: 10 Underrated Glam & Hair Metal Era Albums

The Road to The Roxy: 10 Underrated Glam & Hair Metal Era Albums Part II

Published by Andrew Daly

Since he was a young child growing up on Long Island, NY, Andrew has always loved writing and collecting physical music. After losing his life-long vinyl collection in 2014, Andrew began his vinyl collection from scratch again when he met his future wife Angela in 2015. Andrew’s love of music only further blossomed as his collection spanned all genres possible. After amassing 5,000 albums, Andrew knew it was time to finally follow his dream, and thus, Vinyl Writer Music was born. Present-day, Andrew is proud to share his love of music with the world through his writing, and the result is nothing short of beautiful: articles and interviews written by a music addict, for fellow music addicts. Andrew lives on Long Island with his wife Angela and their four cats, Oliver, Patrick, Charlie, and Kevin. Andrew works as a Horticultural Operations Manager by day and runs the Vinyl Writer Music website by night. Andrew is also the admin of several Facebook groups dedicated to music.

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