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Please enjoy our full archives of Stories from the Stacks, in which Andrew Daly discusses various themes in music:


Remembering Neil Peart

Am I a Punk or Poseur?

Chris Knight: A Singular Songwriter

One for The Guitar Players

High Fidelity: A Mix-Tape of Life, Love, and Vinyl

Remembering Little Richard

Top-5 Rhythm Sections Essential to Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Rock

Vaporwave: Audiovisual Art Via Nostalgia

The New Abnormal: Your Soundtrack To The Apocalypse

Rough and Rowdy Ways: Bob Dylan’s Latter-Day Defining Moment

Neil Young’s Time in the Ditch: A Retrospective

The Understated Genius of Bob Mould

Dare to Be Weird: A Lesson from Frank Zappa

Taylor Swift’s Transition

Top-5 Most Underrated Guitarists

Women Who Rock

A Poseur’s Dream: Vultures and FOMO in an Age of Unreason

Saying Goodbye to Reggae’s Ambassador, Toots Hibbert

Billy Joel: Long Island Origins as Defined by the Piano Man

The Endless River: The Musical Genius of Bob Ezrin

Remembering Eddie Van Halen

Fear of Music: How Satanic Panic Shaped Music & Culture in the 1980s and Beyond

Ripped Off: Thoughts on File Sharing & Artists who Steal Music to Get Ahead

My Album of the Year: ACϟDC Turns Back the Clock

Imagining the World Through the Eyes of John Lennon

Remembering MF DOOM



Top-5 Songs that Make Us Think of Summer

Format Wars: Why You Don’t Have to Choose Between Vinyl and CDs

Groups That Should Have Been Huge: Indie Bands and the Issue of Exposure

Anecdotes & Albums: A Summary of KISS Army Servitude

Return to the Sunset Strip: 10 Underrated Glam & Hair Metal-Era Albums

The Road to The Roxy: 10 Underrated Glam & Hair Metal-Era Albums Part II

KISS Lead Guitarists Ranked

The Final Countdown: 5 Underrated Guitarists of the 80s Hard Rock & Heavy Metal-Era

Rolling Thunder: 5 Underrated Drummers of the 70s & 80s Hard Rock & Heavy Metal-Era

Music That Defined An Era: Analyzing The Rise And Fall Of Oasis

Say It Ain’t So: Five Forgotten Rock Albums of the 1990s

Barre Chords, Arpeggios & Riffs: Five Rhythm Guitarists Who Changed Rock Music

Into The Void: Thirteen of “Space Ace” Frehley’s Most Savage Tracks

Album vs. Album: Sizing Up KISS’ Two Most Underrated Albums in Unmasked & Creatures of the Night

The Beatles vs. The Stones: An Exercise In Rock ‘N’ Roll Tedium

Rock ‘N’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution: Uncovering Ten Underrated ACϟDC Tracks

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Andrew Daly

Andrew has always felt himself to be a "jack of all trades, master of none" type of person. With an immense passion for music, a disposition for writing, and an eagerness to teach and share both, Andrew decided to found Vinyl Writer in 2019 as a freelance column under the column Stories from the Stacks. Over time, the column grew into a website which now features contributors who further the cause of sharing both a love of music and the art of journalism with the world through articles and interviews. While Andrew enjoys running the website, his real passion lies in teaching and facilitating others to do what they do best, and giving them the opportunity to explore their passions in the process.
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