Reissues & First Time on Vinyl: It’s A Great Time to Be Alive

Best Reissues And Compilations Of 2020

The 90’s were a dark decade for vinyl. It carried over well into the early 2000’s but slowly got better. Reissues are becoming more and more plentiful, and so are first time on vinyl pressings. There are some great bands and albums that have finally made it into my collection replacing my CD copies as of late.

Labels like Music On Vinyl have been doing an excellent job in my humble opinion. Mastered well and pressed well. I am happy with what I have purchased as of late. From Faith No More‘s ‘Angel Dust‘ to CLUTCH‘s self titled album, which I just received Sunday (which is a first time on vinyl release from 1995). Record Store Day is not for everyone but it is an important event to any and every record collector.

With reissues and first time on vinyl releases in the hundreds, I believe it’s really been having an effect on old things becoming new again with the reissue market waking up and becoming a growth segment in the industry. You don’t have to participate in or even like RSD in general, but you gotta admit that it has helped the industry of making records and record stores bigger and stronger.

One of my favorite Canadian bands of the 90’s (after a lengthy hiatus still at it today) Limblifter never had vinyl when their albums were released. Over the last 2 years their first 2 albums have been remastered and pressed on vinyl for the first time and I’m over the moon with them. The second album was expanded to a double album 45rpm with extra tracks from the session that were not on the album.

Record Store Day 2020 Reveals Full List of Exclusive Releases ...

We Are Busybodies is releasing these and they are very well priced, as well as well-pressed. I know a lot of cash grab reissues have come out and are still coming out every month but hey, use your words and post about it when it’s a crappy pressing. The labels that get it right need to be commended and supported, and the cash-grabby ones called out on it for the good of all. What are some of your favorite reissues that have come out lately?

Curious about Limblifter & Clutch? Here’s a playlist of some of Andrew Earle’s favorites. Check it out below!

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