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Please enjoy our full archives of Mix-Tapes & Memories, in which Joe O’Brien discusses various themes in music:

My Metal Evolution

Vinyl and the Overlooked Era of Hip-Hop


Third Wave Ska and What We Need on Vinyl

You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best Underrated Kiss Songs

Digging In Paradise: Moodies Records

5 Underrated Second Wave Emo Albums You Need To Listen To

Anecdotes & Albums: A Summary of KISS Army Servitude

The Life and Times of Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Creative Perseverance Through Music

Published by Joe O'Brien

Joe has always been a huge music fan. Growing up on Long Island, NY, USA, Joe did chores and dumpster dove for bottles with his best friend Andrew to trade bottles for money to buy vinyl. Joe is a Registered Nurse in the ER by day, and a life-long music lover by night. Having been an avid consumer of all things music since he was a child, Joe’s diverse collection of over 3,000 vinyl albums, plus several hundred tapes and CDs, tells the story of a man who simply loves music. Joe’s goal is to write about what he is most passionate about and share new and exciting music. Joe lives on Long Island, NY with his beloved dog Scarlett.

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