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Please enjoy our full archives of Left of the Dial, in which Keith Kowall discusses all things music, particularly the obscure:

Music Has The Right To Children: Memories Of A Childhood You Didn’t Live

Horse Rotorvator: Darkness and Death As Art

Published by Keith Kowall

In every music group, there’s that one guy you can always count on to post some amazing, obscure music that you didn’t even know you needed. Keith is that guy. As an avid music fan and DJ, Keith has existed in music communities and immersed himself in music for as long as he can remember. His expansive collection of thousands of albums spans all possible genres. When he’s not busy curating his own collection, Keith takes his time stocking his booth in the Antique Mall of American on Las Vegas Blvd full of awesome vinyl and collectibles. Keith lives in Nevada with his wife.

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