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Drew De Four

Kin Curran

Matt Kessler: Too Many Records

Christina AKA The Vinyl Guru

Gretchen Peters

Heath Gmucs: Wax Mage Records

Jay Jay French

Brad Brooks

Nili Brosh

Chris Ballew: The Presidents of the United States of America

Jeff Rosenstock

Amanda Schutzman

Derrick Bostrom: The Meat Puppets

Missi Callazzo: Megaforce Records

Ginger Pooley

Greg Werkman: Ipecac Recordings

Kerry “2Smooth” Marshall Jr.

Tessy Lou Williams

Dan Mason

Michael Bishop AKA Blothar: GWAR

Chris DeMakes: Less Than Jake

Chuck Ragan: Hot Water Music

Joseph Genaro: The Dead Milkmen

Oeds Beydals: Molasses

Chris Celona: The Grunge Bible

Elena Cataraga AKA Lena Scissorhands: Infected Rain

Steve Hackett

Melinda Murphy

Karl Groeger: Looney Tunes Music and More

David Buttle: Mr. Bongo

Tim Clair: Record Reserve

Rod Abernethy

Marc Sendik: High Fidelity Records & CDs

Seth Applebaum: Ghost Funk Orchestra

Fred Coury: Cinderella

Brian Lisik

Kevin Salk

Marc Smith AKA DJ Emskee

Mitch Sigurdson: Black Market Brass

Mark Whitfield

Thomas Fec AKA Tobacco

Kiwi Jr.

Ric Lee: Ten Years After

Jason Hall: Western Addiction

Tom Mullen: Washed Up Emo

Albert Bouchard: Blue Oyster Cult

Don Rauf: Life in a Blender

Julius Stabenow: Vinyl Digital

II Nothing II

Larry Jaffee

Meredith Sheldon

Andy Meredith: #NowSpinning

Sarah McTaggert: Transviolet

Jack Shirley

VK Lynne

Steve Von Till

Tobias Nathaniel: The Red Step

Danny Veekens: The Find & Rucksack Records

John Salvage

Gail Petersen: The Catholic Girls

Chris Knight

Tiffany Ashton

Eddie Trunk

Steve Brown: Trixter

Jarrett New: Vinyl Eyezz

Alison Braun

Shandon Sahm

Arnie Goodman

Elizabeth McCollough: Alpha Cat

Nikki Stringfield: The Iron Maidens

Pearl Charles

Dan Marter: InTheClouds Records

Ron Bushy: Iron Butterfly

Lysanne Lombard: Which Witch Is Which

Carl Carlsson: Runners Club 95

Ben Weasel: Screeching Weasel

Pete Curry: FM Skyline

Jay & Enzo: My Pet Flamingo/Time Slave Recordings

Chrissie Kat: Cyclone Furies

Dylan Peggin: The Record Spinner

Mark Junker: R23x

Danielle Morgan

Alan Zweig

Dillon Smith: Noble Records

Waterfront Dining

Teenage Halloween

Eric Callero: Vinyl Rewind

Gordon Anderson: Real Gone Music

Matt Earley: Gotta Groove Records

Tech Honors: Deaths Dynamic Shroud

Jessica Louise Dye: High Waisted

Mitch Easter

Bruce Franklin: Trouble

Damian Kulash: OK Go

Bill Conway: The Hard Times

Mike Gallo: Agnostic Front

John Nolan: Taking Back Sunday

Sonia Anubis: Cobra Spell & Crypta

John Siden: Surface Noise

Tommy Alaska: The Tommy Alaska Experience

Joe Macchia: Need + Groove Records

Chris & Indy: Tiger Blood Tapes

Mark Schulman

Tommy Thayer: KISS

Ricky Warwick

Nick Oliveri

Rachel Eckroth

Alex Rice: Bandbox Vinyl

Rory Cameron: The Whiffs

Melissa Aldana

Travis Nelson: The Hub City Stompers

Creature: RebelMatic

Dale Crover: Melvins

Lydia Luce

Trevor Tunision & Nyna Nelson: Fort Vine

Sunny Sweeney

Lia Ices

Dave Kellan: Dave Kellan Band

Brandon Teskey, Bruce Jensen, Alyssa Swartz & Chris Tex: Until the Sun

Spencer Drate

Jerry Douglas

Fingers: WBAB

Benny Benack

Michael Kurtz: Record Store Day

Dante White: Oozlles

Michael Oakley

Jake Crown: Coffee Project

Andrew Gould

Jason Hammon: Dance Hall Crashers

Will Kimbrough

Lucas Carpenter

Michael Fremer: Analog Planet

Shawn Ward: FM Attack

Jesse Sendejas: Days N’ Daze

Kelly Green, Kody Lee, Jace Cadle & Violet Lea: Madam Radar

Phil Nicolo

Lou Barlow: Dinosaur Jr.

Bill Stevenson: Descendents

Richard Barone: The Bongos

Kevin Montgomery: Sellorekt LA Dreams

Andrew Toy

Keith Rankin: Giant Claw

Marta Gabriel: Crystal Viper

Christian Sands

Jeff Scott Soto

Blag Dahlia: Dwarves

Jutta Weinhold & Holger Marx: Velvet Viper

Mark Kendall: Great White

Jordy Leenaerts: Timecop1983

Felipe Lithgow: Murphy’s Law

Nöthin’ But a Good Time: An interview with Tom Beaujour & Richard Bienstock

Mark Cline & Mike Richmond: Love Tractor

Bri Bagwell

Delvon Lamarr: Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

Terry Cole: Colemine/Plaid Room Records

Michael Beach

Rudy Sarzo: The Guess Who

Carl Verheyen: Supertramp

Paul Stanley: KISS & Soul Station


Lyle Workman

John Beasley

Glenn Morrow: Cry For Help

H.R.: Bad Brains

Geoff Downes: The Buggles, Asia & Yes

Jeremy Harris: Save Music Venues

Keith Morris: Circle Jerks & OFF!

Mike Park: Asian Man Records

Adam Deitch: Lettuce

Lips Kudlow: Anvil

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