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Drew De Four

Kin Curran

Matt Kessler: Too Many Records

Christina AKA The Vinyl Guru

Gretchen Peters

Heath Gmucs: Wax Mage Records

Jay Jay French

Brad Brooks

Nili Brosh

Chris Ballew: The Presidents of the United States of America

Jeff Rosenstock

Amanda Schutzman

Derrick Bostrom: The Meat Puppets

Missi Callazzo: Megaforce Records

Ginger Pooley

Greg Werkman: Ipecac Recordings

Kerry “2Smooth” Marshall Jr.

Tessy Lou Williams

Dan Mason

Michael Bishop AKA Blothar: GWAR

Chris DeMakes: Less Than Jake

Chuck Ragan: Hot Water Music

Joseph Genaro: The Dead Milkmen

Oeds Beydals: Molasses

Chris Celona: The Grunge Bible

Elena Cataraga AKA Lena Scissorhands: Infected Rain

Steve Hackett

Melinda Murphy

Karl Groeger: Looney Tunes Music and More

David Buttle: Mr. Bongo

Tim Clair: Record Reserve

Rod Abernethy

Marc Sendik: High Fidelity Records & CDs

Seth Applebaum: Ghost Funk Orchestra

Fred Coury: Cinderella

Brian Lisik

Kevin Salk

Marc Smith AKA DJ Emskee

Mitch Sigurdson: Black Market Brass

Mark Whitfield

Thomas Fec AKA Tobacco

Kiwi Jr.

Ric Lee: Ten Years After

Jason Hall: Western Addiction

Tom Mullen: Washed Up Emo

Albert Bouchard: Blue Oyster Cult

Don Rauf: Life in a Blender

Julius Stabenow: Vinyl Digital

II Nothing II

Larry Jaffee

Meredith Sheldon

Andy Meredith: #NowSpinning

Sarah McTaggert: Transviolet

Jack Shirley

VK Lynne

Steve Von Till

Tobias Nathaniel: The Red Step

Danny Veekens: The Find & Rucksack Records

John Salvage

Gail Petersen: The Catholic Girls

Chris Knight

Tiffany Ashton

Eddie Trunk

Steve Brown: Trixter

Jarrett New: Vinyl Eyezz

Alison Braun

Shandon Sahm

Arnie Goodman

Elizabeth McCollough: Alpha Cat

Nikki Stringfield: The Iron Maidens

Pearl Charles

Dan Marter: InTheClouds Records

Ron Bushy: Iron Butterfly

Lysanne Lombard: Which Witch Is Which

Carl Carlsson: Runners Club 95

Ben Weasel: Screeching Weasel

Pete Curry: FM Skyline

Jay & Enzo: My Pet Flamingo/Time Slave Recordings

Chrissie Kat: Cyclone Furies

Dylan Peggin: The Record Spinner

Mark Junker: R23x

Danielle Morgan

Alan Zweig

Dillon Smith: Noble Records

Waterfront Dining

Teenage Halloween

Eric Callero: Vinyl Rewind

Gordon Anderson: Real Gone Music

Matt Earley: Gotta Groove Records

Tech Honors: Deaths Dynamic Shroud

Jessica Louise Dye: High Waisted

Mitch Easter

Bruce Franklin: Trouble

Damian Kulash: OK Go

Bill Conway: The Hard Times

Mike Gallo: Agnostic Front

John Nolan: Taking Back Sunday

Sonia Anubis: Cobra Spell & Crypta

John Siden: Surface Noise

Tommy Alaska: The Tommy Alaska Experience

Joe Macchia: Need + Groove Records

Chris & Indy: Tiger Blood Tapes

Mark Schulman

Tommy Thayer: KISS

Ricky Warwick

Nick Oliveri

Rachel Eckroth

Alex Rice: Bandbox Vinyl

Rory Cameron: The Whiffs

Melissa Aldana

Travis Nelson: The Hub City Stompers

Creature: RebelMatic

Dale Crover: Melvins

Lydia Luce

Trevor Tunision & Nyna Nelson: Fort Vine

Sunny Sweeney

Lia Ices

Dave Kellan: Dave Kellan Band

Brandon Teskey, Bruce Jensen, Alyssa Swartz & Chris Tex: Until the Sun

Spencer Drate

Jerry Douglas

Fingers: WBAB

Benny Benack

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Published by Andrew Daly

Since he was a young child growing up on Long Island, NY, USA, Andrew has always loved writing, music, drumming and collecting music on CD, tape and vinyl. After losing his life-long vinyl collection in 2014, Andrew began his vinyl collection from scratch again when he met his future wife Angela in 2015. Andrew’s love of music only further blossomed as his collection spanned all genres possible. After amassing over 3,000 albums in under two years, he knew it was time to finally follow his dream of being a music journalist, and thus, Vinyl Writer was born.

Andrew’s not only the go-to friend for music trivia, but his intricate knowledge of the ins and outs of the music industry allows him to develop engaging questions that really tap into each artist and individual to deliver insightful and enjoyable interviews. He’s proud to share his love of music with the world through his writing, and the result is nothing short of beautiful: articles and interviews written by a music addict, for fellow music addicts.

Andrew lives on Long Island, NY, with his wife Angela and their four cats, Oliver, Patrick, Charlie and Kevin. Andrew’s collection of over 4,700 vinyl albums, plus several hundred tapes and CDs, tells the story of his passion for all that is music. Andrew works as a Horticultural Operations Manager by day and runs the Vinyl Writer website by night. Andrew is also the admin of several Facebook groups dedicated to music.

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