“I Don’t Feel Well,” by Pluralone is a Hopeful, Melodic Experience

One of the best gifts from the solo work of artists we come to love through their work with bands and collectives is that we often get to experience the other musical languages they speak. I Don’t Feel Well by Josh Klinghoffer, under the alias Pluralone, is a true gift that offers us a different glimpse into his musical soul.

It’s more than deserved that Josh Klinghoffer was the youngest member to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at age 32, because this guy is seriously talented. While 2019 may have led to an unexpected turn in his career, it was a blessing to his listeners as we can now experience the full resume of a wildly-talented musician who isn’t afraid to wear his vulnerabilities on his sleeve.

The opening track of I Don’t Feel Well, titled “Red Don’t Feel,” drew me right in with the layered, harmonic vocals and the lead of the piano. Klinghoffer’s falsetto is a real treat, and his range coupled with his soulful compositions throughout the album are proof that he’s no one-trick pony.  

While Josh might be best known for his guitar work with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, I Don’t Feel Well is very much a balanced marriage of voice, piano and guitar. This Indie and Alternative album is definitely not background music; it’s an experience best enjoyed by sitting down, cranking up the volume and just listening. I Don’t Feel Well is an emotional glimpse and response to the dumpster fire that was 2020 in each note, producing an album that is nothing short of evoking and beautiful. Josh’s guitar solos are masterfully placed in the midst of each ebb and flow in a way that doesn’t steal the show as we might expect on the solo album of a well-established guitarist, but rather compliments the vibe. The entire vibe is one of acknowledgment of the difficult, collective human experience of the pandemic and turbulent political climate thus far, with hope for better days ahead deeply resonating through each melodic undercarriage.

My favorite off the album might be track three, entitled “Carry,” which begins as an almost symphonic piano ballad and ends by meshing in this awesome 80s synth vibe that perfectly highlights the track. This is one which belongs in a movie soundtrack.

If you really loved the work of Klinghoffer in the Red Hot Chili Peppers, then you’ll absolutely love track four, “The Report,” as it begins with guitar chords that bring me right back to the Alternative sounds I loved in all my favorite bands of the late 90s and early 2000s.

For an album full of many melodic, quiet fade outs, it’s essential that the pressing be crisp and clean. As always, Org Music did not disappoint, and this LP sounds fantastic. The experience of holding a piece of physical music is best served when the entire package emanates quality, and the classic, black slab blends well with the dark and interesting album art, producing a quality product that you can always count on when it comes to Org Music. You can purchase this LP from Org Music here.

I absolutely loved experiencing Klinghoffer’s sophomore album as a first spin, and I’m looking forward to growing and developing right along with him in the albums and projects to come. Bravo!

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