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Stories from the Stacks
Vinyl Writer Music founder Andrew Daly discusses all things music in this passionate column centered around the art, science and business of music.

Mix-Tapes and Memories
Columnist Joe O’Brien knows a whole lot more about musical genres than one might think at first glance, and he’s here to discuss various topics and genres of music through his love of mix-tapes and the memories they conjure.

A.M. Radio
A.M. Radio is a column that celebrates all that Columnist Anthony Montalbano is most passionate about: music, podcasts, electronics, and whatever the hell he feels like writing about.

Vinyl Femmes and RPMs
Columnist Erin O’Dell aims to showcase one album per month that has greatly influenced her life in this personal, insightful column which is entirely dedicated to female artists.

Rapid Musical Perspectives with P.S. Idiot
Columnist, musician and indie zine writer Andrew Earle is back with his original punk indie column and his OG penname, “P.S. Idiot.” Tune into this fantastic column which discusses all things music from the eyes and ears of a seasoned musician.

Surface Noise
In this column, John Siden of the YouTube channel Surface Noise joins the Vinyl Writer Music team to share his thoughts and feelings on what music means to him.

The Technical Corner
Ever wonder why things are the way they are? What was the technical reason for a particular format, or feature on a piece of equipment? Columnist Joel Andrews takes a technical deep dive into many of these topics.

Shredful Compositions
Pennsylvania-born NFL journalist Andrew DiCecco has a profound passion for Rock music and its illustrious history. In this column, Andrew explores his passion for everything Rock through insightful album reviews, interesting artist interviews and more.

The Record Spinner
YouTuber Dylan Peggin of The Record Spinner joins the Vinyl Writer Music team with this awesome column in which he discusses all the things he loves most about music and vinyl collecting.

Open Your Ears
In this column, Vinyl Writer Music founder Andrew Daly shares his thoughts and impressions of various albums as he spins them for the first time.

Records, Roots & Ramblings
Columnist Joe O’Brien conducts insightful interviews with various artists for this interesting column which gets to the roots of their musical careers.

Left of the Dial
In this column, music lover Keith Kowall shares his vast knowledge and insight of music, particularly the obscure. Dig in to read more about his thoughts and musings.

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