Turntable Drive Mechanisms, What Makes Them Different?

There are three types of drive mechanisms that are standard in the industry. (There are also plenty of specialized systems out there for the niche market). The most common are: Idler (sometimes also referred to as a rim drive), belt drive and direct drive.

Vinyl Playback Speeds, Sizes, and One of The Original Format Wars

Joel AndrewsOriginally from New Brunswick, Canada, Joel started to really collect vinyl at a time when people were practically giving it away as they moved their collections over to CD. It became clear that he had a strong penchant for how things work when his father arrived home one day to find four-year-old Joel hadContinue reading “Vinyl Playback Speeds, Sizes, and One of The Original Format Wars”

Vinyl Color & The Question of Audio Fidelity

I remember being 12 years old, on my bedroom floor watching the record spin under the needle. I would wonder to myself “How in the world is this even possible?” There is still an almost magical quality to those tiny grooves that hold all that sound.

The Technical Corner Archives

Please enjoy the full archives of The Technical Corner in which Joel Andrews discusses the answers to technical questions you didn’t even know you had.

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