The Road to The Roxy: 10 Underrated Glam & Hair Metal Era Albums Part II

I know all too well that many will say, “Hair Metal sucks” as a default response to the opening chords of “Dr. Feelgood,” I’ve also learned that the devout fanbase that makes Hair Metal so special, still remains and that they too have a voice.

Return to the Sunset Strip: 10 Underrated Glam & Hair Metal Era Albums

There is always going to be “that guy.” You know the type, the one who has to put the genre down, while he sips his imported IPA and reads obscure 19th-century poetry, while his earbuds pump the latest Nirvana or My Bloody Valentine clone into his ears.

Women Who Rock

There is a common misconception that men dominate the Rock scene. It’s not true. Women have long co-dominated the Rock scene. The real issue is that they simply aren’t properly acknowledged for their achievements.

Anecdotes & Albums: A Summary of KISS Army Servitude

Without going into anymore grizzled details, KISS has been a huge part of my life, Joe’s life and subsequently, our friendship. So, today Joe and I are going to hash out five albums that were important to us as proud members of the KISS Army.

Groups That Should Have Been Huge: Indie Bands and the Issue of Exposure

There’s an old quote for the book/movie High Fidelity, “What came first? The music or the misery?” I often wonder about that. What does it really mean? Could be the story of indie bands. Groups who create music only to have next to nobody ever hear it?

Format Wars: Why You Don’t Have to Choose Between Vinyl and CDs

Hot take- vinyl is booming because of the advent of the CD. How’s that now? You thought CDs killed vinyl? Yeah, they did. I’ll explain.

Reviewing True Romance on Vinyl

Today, we’re taking a trip back to 1993. A world where Clarence and Alabama met, fell in love, got married and became unwitting cocaine dealers all in a matter of days. Does it sound unrealistic? Maybe so, but never-the-less- it’s a great story!

Top-5 Songs that Make Us Think of Summer

Well, it’s that time of year again. The dead of winter. The temperature begins to drop. Leaves have already fallen. Less sun. More clouds. Things start to smell differently. If you’re a beach goer, then you’re probably pretty bummed, but if you’re like me, and your average body temperature is somewhere between the surface of the sun and a raging volcano, then you’re probably welcoming winter and the cooler weather with open arms.

Top-5 Favorite Albums on Vinyl For the Christmas Season

The Christmas season is wrapping up, and thus another season of buying Christmas vinyl is nearly a wrap (unwrapped?) too. That said, given how long this year has already been, it’s never too late to start filling out your Christmas music section.


Like many you of, I assumed New Year’s Eve in 2020 would be boring and spent at home. Then about a month ago I saw that KISS had some kind of “big announcement” and that we all should stay tuned, and I was left wondering what it was. As you all know by now, the announcement was a New Year’s Eve mega show to take place at The Palm in Dubai, which was being called “KISS 2020 Goodbye.”

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