Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions from Fred Fleisher a Visual Artist

Today, I’ve got an amazing interview for you guys and something a bit different; I have a visual artist with us today. Fred Fleisher is an artist that I met some years ago while going into Brooklyn, New York.

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions from Charlie Wolf of The Small Calamities

Today, I’ve got Charlie Wolf with us from The Small Calamities. If you like 90s pop and folk music fused with a little bit of The Front Bottoms, then these guys are for you. Here we talk about Charlie’s musical upbringing and how the band came to be what it is today.

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions From Mike Laurino of Gizmachi

Gizmachi is a Heavy Metal band out of Newburgh, NY, formed in 1998. While they were highly active within the Metalcore and Progressive Metal scene’s in the early 2000s, Gizmachi has been relatively dormant on the studio album front since 2005…until now.

Reviewing Micah Sheveloff’s Rockville

Micah Sheveloff was gracious enough to send us a copy of his LP Rockville, and it’s a wonderful easy listening composition of songs that range from melancholic realizations to songs about hopefulness and happiness for the future.

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions From Martin J. Polak of The Desperate Mind

Punk Rock is a genre that can cover all sorts of topics and current events, especially politics, current events, and pretty much whatever else. No doubt these past few years have given artists enough material to go around that we’re most likely to see a lot of musical fallout for years to come, and The Desperate Mind is one of them.

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions from Henry Frayne of Lanterna

Longtime indie veteran Henry Frayne joins us today to discuss his newest effort Hidden Drives. We also dive into a bit of his musical history, some of his favorite records, what gear he’s using these days, and more.

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions From John Massaglia of The Truth Council

Today I have an interview with bassist and vocalist John Massaglia of The Truth Council! If you like 80s Rock, Progressive Rock, and Metal, then you’ll like the music these guys put out!

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions from Tim David of Bathroom of the Future

I’ve got another great one for you guys today! It’s not every day that you come across a Nerd Rock/Punk band that both live the nerd lifestyle and present it on stage in their music, videos, and stage presence.

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions from Gerald Gradwohl

If you like Jazz and Hard Rock fused, then you’ll like Gerald Gradwohl! Gerald has played music for a very long time from Austria and started his first band at the age of 11, playing classical guitar.

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions From Joe Agius of RINSE

Today, I have an interview for you guys with Australian Shoegaze/Dreampop artist Joe Agius AKA RINSE. Shoegaze/Dreampop is something I’ve only just been introduced to, and I can see its appeal.

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