Chris Knight: A Singular Songwriter

“My roots are anchored solid. I ain’t machinery…I’m a man.” These are the words of one of my absolute favorite song writers, Chris Knight. You probably haven’t heard of him, but I aim to change that.

The Allure of the Brick and Mortar Store

So why do we as vinyl addicts love record stores so much? It takes a person of a certain disposition to feel “at home” in a record store. It’s not an entirely alien idea all together, but record stores are dusty places.

Thoughts on the Death of Neil Peart

Neil Peart passed this week on January 7, 2020. I’ve been a fan of Rush for the vast majority of my life, specifically since I was around 8 or 9 years old, I’m nearly 32 now. Like all of us, I found out about his passing on Friday the 10th, but I didn’t find out through any traditional media outlets, or via some notification on my phone. No, I found out through my life-long friend Joe, via text, which was only fitting considering the role Rush played during our formative years.

One for the Guitar Players

Before the 1950’s there really wasn’t any such thing as “Rock ‘n’ Roll” as we know it today. Mostly a new form of music, dreamed up by the likes of Les Paul, and other like minded men of the day. These were men no longer interested by the politics of folk. These were men who lacked the time, and energy for the complexity of jazz.

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