An Interview with Chuck Dukowski of Würm

When I first started this series of interviews, Andrew Rossiter from Org Music asked me if I would like to interview Chuck Dukowski. My response was swift and to the point – “It would be an honor.” Little did I know that it would be the start of something.

An Interview with Rowetta of Happy Mondays

Bands like the Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, James, 808 State and the Happy Mondays would define would become known as the “Madchester scene,” which saw bands merging Alternative Rock with Rave Music, Acid House and Psychedelia to astounding results.

An Interview with Tod Howarth of Frehley’s Comet

As a kid growing up, I loved Tod’s fantastic song with Frehley’s Comet ‘Calling to You.’ So, when I began this interview series, I knew that I had to reach out to one of Rock music’s most versatile and genuinely nice guys.

An Interview with Jenn D’Eugenio of Women In Vinyl

Jenn is not only blazing a trail for women within the music industry as the found of Women In Vinyl, but she is also the Chief of Sales and Marketing for Furnace Record Pressing.

An Interview with Steve Albini

There are a lot of people who talk a big game, but Steve Albini lives it through pure integrity and honestly. Regardless of if he is making music with Shellac, or engineering an album for acts big and small, you can be absolutely certain that what you get from Steve Albini with be authentic, analog and worth hearing.

An Interview with Jornt Elzinga AKA 猫 シ Corp

In the earliest days of Vaporwave, back when it more of an idea than a burgeoning genre, Jornt Elzinga, also known as 猫 シ Corp. put out a few of the albums that would come to define the genre. For those of you in “the know,” you will remember Palm Mall and Hiraeth fondly for their influence on the scene, one that is still felt to this day.

An Interview with Mitch Anderson of Black Circle Radio

When I first began the Vinyl Writer Interviews series, Mitch was one of the first people I asked to participate. I knew he would give enthusiastic and intelligent answers, and boy was I right. Mitch isn’t just the host of BCR. Mitch is truly one of us.

An Interview with Stefan Bisland-Ferner of Garmarna

These days, it’s hard to find a true original. That being said, if you look hard enough, originality is still out there to be had. When you find it, you know it. When it comes to Garmarna, they are a true original. Shamelessly and proudly blending just about every genre under the sun to make up a sound that is truly their own.

An Interview with Ricky Young of The Wild Feathers

The Wild Feathers are of the best kept secrets out of Nashville. Although, considering they’ve toured with greats such as Paul Simon, Bob Seger and Bob Dylan, maybe they’re aren’t so secret after all!

An Interview with Colin Clive of Mustard Plug

Today, I am serving up a really cool interview for you all. Colin Clive is Mustard Plug’s guitar player, and he has been with them since the very beginning. He’s a veteran of the scene and he’s also a vinyl addict like the rest of us.

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