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A.M. Radio is a column which celebrates all that Columnist Anthony Montalbano is most passionate about: music, podcasts, electronics, and whatever the hell he feels like writing about.

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions from Caleb Farah AKA Professoar

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions from Phillip Pope of Pi Records

Music Based Video Games and How they Influenced My Taste in Music

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions from Justin Drown of the podcast Obscura: A True Crime Podcast


Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions from Andrew Tate of Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions from Kat and Jethro Gilligan Toth of The Box of Oddities

Pop Punk and Me: My Top-5 Pop Punk Albums

Anthony’s Airwaves- Transmissions from Nicole and Noelle of The Quite Unusual Podcast

The Besnard Lakes Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings: Psychedelic Sounds From the 60s in the 2020s with a Twist

“So Here I am, Doing Everything I Can” – Video Game Soundtracks!

Anthony’s Airwaves – Transmissions From Jonathan Sims of The Magnus Archives

Published by Anthony Montalbano

Born in Long Island, N.Y., USA and growing up listening to oldies, Anthony's passion for music began in the mid 90's when his older brother would introduce him to music other than what what he grew up on from his parents and thus, his passion for pop punk was born. Heavily influenced by bands like New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday, his musical tastes have grown over the years. With the help of his first roommate to spark Anthony's love of vinyl, his collection grows more and more. Aside from music, Anthony loves cooking, photography, baking, anything electronic and has a huge passion for horror movies, video games, podcasts, books and TV shows. He now resides in North Carolina where he carries on in his great grandfather's footsteps as a baker.

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