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An Interview with Emily James

Singer/Songwriter Emily James is with us for a chat today to discuss her wonderful new EP, Wanted You To Know, Pt. I. Emily, and I also chat about her early days in music, the recording of her debut at such a young age, her thoughts on streaming and social media, and what she’s looking forward to in the future.

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Horse Rotorvator: Darkness and Death As Art

Death is a fact of life, and acknowledging it and facing it head-on as this album does, albeit harsh at times, also shows the fragility and fleetingness of our time on this planet. It may seem desolate, but it also shows that there’s so much to live for. You just have to find the light that will always be there, shining within the darkness.

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An Interview with Michael Sweet of Stryper

Michael Sweet has been keeping upbeat and productive during the pandemic, which is more than many can say. With a new released called Ten, and additional new music on the way, Michael had a lot to chat about.

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