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A Guide to KISS Bootlegs: The Destroyer Tour 1976

Welcome to the fifth article of the “A Guide to KISS Bootlegs” series! This article will be focusing on the tour KISS did in support of the album Destroyer.

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An Interview with Kat Cunning

Join us as we talk about what makes Kat Cunning, well, Kat Cunning. I think you’ll love reading this interview with one of the most inspiring people I’ve interviewed so far who’s not afraid to be who they are and speak their mind.

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An Interview with Rudy Sarzo of The Guess Who

I recently sat down with Rudy to discuss his stint with Ozzy, bond with Randy Rhodes, the reemergence of Rock music in the early 1980s, the impact of Metal Health and sudden rise of Quiet Riot, and more.

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An Interview with Michael Beach

Fans of of Kurt Vile, Bruce Springsteen, Reigning Sound and the like will be happy today, as we’ve got a musician that at least on the surface appears to be heavily influenced by some of those heavy hitting artists. However, dig deeper and you will find that Michael Beach has a certain depth to his music that is entirely his own.

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