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Turntable Drive Mechanisms, What Makes Them Different?

There are three types of drive mechanisms that are standard in the industry. (There are also plenty of specialized systems out there for the niche market). The most common are: Idler (sometimes also referred to as a rim drive), belt drive and direct drive.

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An Interview with Jesse Sendejas of Days N’ Daze

Days N’ Daze are an American indie band dubbed “Thrashgrass” for its blend of Folk, Punk, Ska and Emo music. In 2020, they’ve released their latest record which is titled “Show Me the Blueprints.”

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An Interview with Shawn Ward of FM Attack

FM Attack, real name Shawn Ward, is an Electronic/Synth artist who has been in the game for several years now. In that time, he’s released a few studio albums, some of which are absolutely essential to any collection regardless of which format you collect.

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