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Music Lovers Series: Andrew Earle

This interview series serves to peel back those restrictions and instead offers a welcoming platform to hear each individual perspective, as the thoughts and perspectives of the consumers of music should always have a seat at the table. It’s my pleasure to introduce you today to one of our columnists, Andrew Earle.

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An Interview with Creature of RebelMatic

RebelMatic’s debut album, Ghost In The Shadows, rages and burns through 10 tracks in 24 minutes, but this is not a rushed affair. Creature and his cohorts have crafted true renegade poetry in the most economical way possible. This is a band who doesn’t waste time. They’ve got a message and they intend to speak it loud and proud, and at break neck speak speed.

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An Interview with Travis Nelson of the Hub City Stompers

To call the Hub City Stompers a “Ska band” is really doing them sort of an injustice, because in reality they are so much more. Their music infuses Oi!, Reggae, Punk, Jazz, Hip-Hop and more. It’s truly an amalgamation of so many genres, blended together to form the magical sound that is Hub City Stompers

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