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Please enjoy our full catalog of Stories from the Stacks, in which Andrew Daly discusses various themes in music and vinyl.

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My Metal Evolution

Metal music is a category that I have only began to delve into and enjoy over the past year or so. The same can be said of several other categories of music over the past few years. Music I never thought I would listen to even a few years beforehand.

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Vinyl and the Overlooked Era of Hip-Hop

I would say somewhere around 2009, I finally began to regard Hip-Hop as the amazing musical art form that it should be seen as. My life changed after I heard the Illmatic for the first time.

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There are many aspects I love about listening to my records. One such aspect is that it enables me to enjoy and appreciate a full album. More specifically, I wanted to sit down and listen to full studio albums of original music.

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Third Wave Ska and What We Need on Vinyl

Ska is a category misunderstood by many. This is especially true amongst people from my generation (millennials) who grew up when “Third Wave Ska” filled the airwaves.

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You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best Underrated Kiss Songs

I been a fan of the band KISS ever since my friend Andrew popped his dad’s copy of Love Gun into his cassette deck. In middle school, my fandom turned into a full-blown obsession. I even did a report in on Gene Simmons for Hebrew school (much to the dismay of my teacher).

Mix-Tapes & Memories Archives

Please enjoy our full archives of Mix-Tapes & Memories, in which Joe O’Brien discusses various themes in music

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An Interview with Andrew Rossiter of ORG Music

This week we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming for a very special interview with Andrew Rossiter of ORG Music. Andrew Rossiter is not only the general manager of ORG, he’s also co-owner.

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An Interview with Cash Carter of Kindercore Vinyl

This week we got the chance to “sit down” with someone who has become very special to the Vinyl Writer universe, none other than the Chief Operating Officer of Kindercore Vinyl, Cash Carter.

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